Vietnam exhibition stand contractor introduction

Gia Long, established and developed from October 2002 with the headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, has experienced the process of formation and development to meet the needs of customers and so far the company has established the branches and workshops in all major cities in Vietnam and has overseas manufacturing partners. The company is considered a leader in the field of Construction and exhibition in Vietnam. It supplies products and services such as: Design and construction of booths or exhibition stands, indoor and outdoor advertising, production of display shelves, show-cases and posters, installation of stages for events, making interior - exterior decoration, repair of offices – stores - buildings, etc.


Vietnam Exhibition Introduction


Besides the key activity of design and construction of booths or exhibition stands, the advertising activity is one of our strengths. Based on the actual need of the customers and the partners, Gia Long has developed the advertising industry with two key fields: indoor advertising and outdoor advertising. Products supplied by the company are always different from other products on the market with the unique design and color which makes great impression on consumers. In addition, the production team is professional; cost of the products is highly competitive. As a result, Gia Long Company is a leading choice of customers.

In every field of operation and under any circumstances, Gia Long has made great efforts to provide the customers and the partners with perfect products and services. This is actually proven. Gia Long's brand has increasingly developed and obtained trust of a great number of customers and partners who have full belief in the company when signing a contract.


More than 10 years since its establishment, Gia Long has had 50 workers who have implemented a lot of projects with many years of experience, have been adequately trained and allocated in 3 main workshops namely carpentry, mechanical and advertising workshop. In addition to workers, there are 10 employees working in offices with high qualification and enthusiasm in their work. The significant features of Gia Long's employees are creativeness, uniqueness and desire of bringing something new into every project with the customers In the application of scientific and technical advances in the world in the construction process, the board of the company has invested a lot of equipment, machinery and modern technology to support the construction process, thereby shortening construction time and producing highly competitive products compared to others on the market.







-  The company always build a professional, dynamic and creative working environment in order to promote the talents of the staffs

-  It provides products and services with uniqueness, creativeness and high quality for the customers.

-  Moreover, the company always attaches its benefits with the social community.

-  It builds the customers' trust in using its products and services in order to make Gia Long's brand strong and reputable in the advertising and construction industry in Vietnam.


Promoting achievements with development orientation "Build Brand and Trust", the Board of Directors has continually trained professional human resources, expanded the production and business market, concerned social responsibility, attached benefits of the company with that of community and etc.


With the concept of sustainable development and contribution to the locality, Gia Long has frequently performed activities for the community. We have launched and implemented philanthropic programs and social activities to support poor children and disadvantaged people with the amount of hundreds of millions each year. These charitable activities have contributed to spiritually encourage and improve lives of the poor; therefore, Gia Long has made a great impression on society on a large scale, enhanced its reputation, and built important relationship with the communities where the company is in operation.




Vietnam Exhibition Introduction



Gia Long would like to send customers and domestic and foreign partners best wishes and sincere thanks for enthusiastic support, help and cooperation with our company during the past years. With these advantages, we commit to supply breakthrough creative and highly realistic ideas, strategic perspectives, perfect services, and maintain the long-term relationship with each customer. For the joint development in the next years, we are looking forward to cooperation with partners and customers in both domestic and foreign country.