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How many categories of exhibition stands?

The exhibition booth is divided into two categories: a standard booth and a self-designed exhibition booth. Depending on what kind of booth you have, which designs will be most appropriate?

Here are the characteristics of these two types of booths


Standard Fair stands are 3m x 3m x 2.5m (long x wide x high) and are often used in trade fairs because of the low cost of design and construction, suitable for businesses. Small businesses, with low funding. However, the effectiveness of product promotion is not high because it does not bring the characteristics of the enterprise because the front of the booth has only company name and simple information board.


Self-designed booth is a kind of booths are invested carefully, careful, spend much money and effort to design and construction. Therefore it meets all the requirements of the company when participating in the fair to promote products and services to consumers. The booths are designed and constructed individually to meet all the size, shape and color requirements that the business requires. The design of this booth used a variety of materials should be unique, aesthetic and impressive, attracting more visitors and increased opportunities to impress the customers, for Potential action. This greatly contributes to the success of the company's product and brand promotion strategy beyond the consumer market.

How to have a beautiful and unique exhibition booth design?

- Aesthetically pleasing: The design of the exhibition booth must be beautiful and unique, attracting the viewer, impressing the visitors who shop at the fair.
- Branding requirements: The design of the fair booth must be noted with enough factors to help visitors to buy the impression and recognize the brand of your business before a lot. Other businesses such as: color featured, logo prominent, board table of business introduction ...
- Functional requirements: It is the design of the fair booth that the most typical products, most characteristic of your business come close to the view of visitors, to achieve efficiency in the work. Promote the brand of the company

Unit specialized exhibition booth design

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