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Current Exhibition Booth Design & Display Trends

Displaying products at exhibition will help to reach customers and promote the product's image faster and more effectively. This is the reason why more and more business people come to exhibitions. However, in an place with a limited area but many businesses participating in the display of products, how to make your booth stand out and attract customers is the top factor for the success of the enterprise.

To solve the above problem, businesses have come up with a plan to invest in the design of booths to create a beautiful and unique exhibition booth that brings the value of products as well as the business's brand to attract and approach customers more easily. Gia Long would like to introduce to you some of the most successful exhibition booth design trends today.

- Minimalist design: Open space booth design is suitable for products that take up a lot of space.

- Modern design: Using basic black, white, and gray colors make the stall modern.

Gian hàng Monalisa sử dụng tông màu đen, trắng

- Complex design: Using the color of the brand logo as the main color for the exhibition booth.

Principles of arranging and displaying products in an exhibition booth:

- Display products according to each area, each type in a clear and reasonable way.

- Large products inside, small products outside, arranged in order.

- Products are always facing outwards with the most visible angle, making it easy for customers to choose.

- Displaying a lot of products is arranged in a pyramid shape, large products are on the bottom, small products are on top.

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